Mumbai has a very rich gallery of girls who can provide extreme pleasure and satisfaction and in order to get them only thing that one needs is a mobile phone.

These Days support of companion is becoming very popular and now it has taken face of satisfaction tool. This companion support is classy and has some style in it.VIP Escorts of Mumbai are the biggest example of such sophistication. These girls are very different from the prostitutes in red light area. If you plan to hire the services of these escorts in Mumbai you should be aware of certain facts like you are not only getting companionship from a company but also a moment of elite services. There is a certain distinction that you experience which you cannot get normally.


There is a certain behavior and manner that you should follow when you are dealing with these classy ladies. It will help you in getting a better experience and will leave a good impression on you. You can compare this with a way you eat at home and in a 7 star hotel. You tend to follow some table rules while eating outside. In the same way you are suppose to deal with these VIP Mumbai Escorts. We can take an example of exchanging cash. You must not transact cash hand to hand as it gives an impression that you are purchasing. So to avoid this you can leave cash in the bathroom or on the desk. That will seem more innovative.

Second Most important factor is your age. You should be 18 years or above to seek the services from an escort. It is not legal before that. The age of the escorts you are hiring should also be more that 18 else you may fall in the vicious trap of law.

You should be aware of the special vocabulary used in the agencies while you are seeking support of an elite companion. You have to make sure that you make choice of right words while talking to them. These ladies devote their lives for your pleasures so they at least deserve some respect.Many people have a notion that if they are spending money they can do any and every thing with the escorts. Some may only act as eye candies or bring glamour to your party.

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